Suzuki Swift GT Modifikasi

Sunday, April 24, 2011
Focus with one modification concept could make it look luxurious Swift won a trophy and a lot of modification contest. It seems that youths 20 years fondly called Michael is very ambitious to change the Suzuki Swift GT 2007 besutannya become more elegant and ultimately the concept of Japanese elegant VIP modification was an option.

Front and rear bumpers are applied to design a custom product that does not eliminate the originality of the car but still can show the impression of a premium car. Body outside the more visible compact with the application side skirts, spoilers and DAD custom muffler. For body color, Michael wrapped car Xyralic besutannya with White, as a result of this besutannya Swift looks more fresh and eye catching.

For the legs, especially as his car, Michael is still relying on a factory default. However, to reinforce the concept diusungnya modifications, per the original given willingly to cut as many as 3 thread let me look more flat.

The impression is growing luxury car radiates Magnifique applications Autocouture rim diameter 20-inch tires wrapped in 225/35 Nitto. As a result with a combination of modifications to the legs that brought this car to make the tire to slightly immersed into the fenders without having to do the wide body.


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Suzuki Swift GT Modifikasi